@louteasedale: Heidi been dreaming about her and Lux kissing some princes 


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I hear her saying that harry and niall are kissing? video she''s cute

Zayn Is Helpless Without Liam (。◝‿◜。)


Z: Leeyum ! I don’t know how to dance , please teach me how to dance! 

L: Zayn you’re already good at dancing , you don’t need my help image

Z: I think its embarrassing though , please teach me ..x

L: Alright (:image

Z: Leeyum ! I don’t know how to write „ please teach me !!x

L: Oh sure Zayn , you just move the pen like this ..x

Z: Ooooh ! So that’s how it works !! (:


Z: Leeyum ! Help , I got stuck !


Z: I really am stuck though ! 

L: Its okay Zaynie , I got you ^ ^

Man: *Goes to them* Do you need help ?

Z: No ! Go away ! Don’t help me , I want Leeyum to help me !imageimage

Z: *embarrassed* Thank you Liam , you’re so strong ( ˘ ³˘)❤

L: Haha (。≖ˇ∀ˇ≖。)


Z: Liam , how do you work cameras ?

L: Oh you just press that button -

Z: No ! I don’t understand , you have to come here and teach me how to properly use this camera ! 


Z: Leeyum ! You said you know how to play the guitar , please teach me!

L: Oh well .. I said I only know how to play a little bit of the - 


L: Okay !! I’ll teach you how to play guitar ..ximage

Z: I can’t ask Leeyum to teach me how swim during an interview .. I have to do this in the most subtle way possible ..ximage

Z: *waiting for Liam to jump in the conversation*


L: Aww Zaynie doesn’t know how to swim ? I - I want to teach him how to swim , better say something before someone else offers to teach him !ximage

Z: *playing it cool*


*In his head* 

Z: Leeyum can’t resist my adorableness , resistance is futile !!image

Z: LEEYUM ! LOOK !! I’M SWIMMING !! (*^ワ^*)image

L: That’s my baby ! That’s my man swimming !! He didn’t know how to swim , but I taught him !!x (*‿*✿)image

THE END !! (◐ω◑ )image

ziam zayn liam then lol masterpost